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Holography expert, Professor Emeritus TJ Jeong dies

Professor of Physics, Emeritus Tung “TJ” Jeong, an international leader in the field of holography, passed away on Sunday, May 3, after battling prostate cancer.

Jeong joined the faculty at Lake Forest College in 1963 and served as director of the Center for Photonics Studies. He led the field of holography with 35 years of research at the College before retiring in 1997.

Together with Hans Bjelkhagen, a visiting scientist from Sweden, Jeong discovered technology that made true-color holograms possible. Jeong also is credited with the discovery of cylindrical holograms, making it possible to view holographic images from all perspectives.

In 1973, Jeong shared in the development of the technology that created three-dimensional moving holograms and was the first to implement the use of optic fibers, making holograms simpler and less costly to make. In that same year, he founded Integraf with the vision to make holography known and accessible to everyone. Today, Integraf is an international supplier of holographic film and custom hologram stickers and labels.

Jeong also served as a worldwide consultant to corporations in a variety of industries developing holographic solutions, including DuPont, where he worked extensively to create holographic photopolymers. Besides research and scholarly articles, Jeong also produced two motion pictures. His film “Introduction to Holography” was sponsored and marketed by Encyclopedia Britannica.

A teacher at heart, Jeong lectured and taught seminars at more than 500 universities, professional societies, and industrial sites in Europe, China, Russia, and other international locations. He also co-chaired international conferences on holography and optics in Russia, Bulgaria, and Hungary. For nearly 30 consecutive years, Jeong hosted holography workshops for novices and experts. In 1982, he started the International Symposium on Display Holography, a triennial conference attracting scientists, artists, and businessmen from around the world.

Jeong came to the U.S. from China as a young boy in 1948. Upon graduation from Amarillo High School in Texas, he attended Yale University under a full scholarship, where he received his bachelor’s in physics and mathematics in 1957. He completed his PhD in nuclear physics at the University of Minnesota in 1963.

Survivors include his wife, Anna, and their three children, Alec, Alicia, and Allan. A private funeral service in Tallahassee, Florida, will be held, with a memorial service in the Lake Forest area tentatively planned for later this summer. Further details will be forthcoming as they become available.